Athlete role

In the following sections we will explain the different functions of the athlete role.

In this article you will learn about:

 Diary - your plan and logs

For more advanced athletes we offer a training diary, which is directly linked to the training schedule of their club. Whenever your coach plans a workout for your group or individually, it will be added to your diary and you can access it on the web or mobile app (iOS & Android). Training plans are just the beginning and there is a lot more to explore.

 Competitions - goals and achievements

All your competitions or goals set by you or your coach. Stay focused and never miss a competition.

 Stats - your track record

If you like numbers, then you can be happy since we offer a lot. See how much and how long you have been practising different sports. No need for manually calculating training hours, you can create custom statistics and analyse them with your coach or by yourself.

 Tests - allows you to track improvements

Tests are important to track your progress. How many and what kind of tests you want to conduct is up to you and your coach.

 Community - for your training group and friends

Training should be something fun and social. Sharing these experience with your friends is important.