Different roles: coach, manager and athlete

We have three different roles in Sportlyzer - Manager, Coach and Athlete. Each of the roles has their own workspace and can focus on what’s most important for them. When you use the Software you can see your current role at the blue header on the right.

In the following sections we will explain the different functions of each role separately.


The manager is the one, who can accept new athletes to the club, observes group sizes and attendance as well as the overall club calendar. All contact and profile information of all athletes and coaches is automatically synced and accessible for him/her. He/she can create invoices and track payments of all the athletes in the club as well as send reminders or take action, when somebody's payment is too late.

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Coaches can access their training calendar via web or mobile and easily mark attendance for their training sessions. When they cannot attend their workout, they can delegate the workout including training plan and attendance marking to the next coach. There is also the option to send the athletes (or their parents) a permanent personalized link that they can use to mark if they are coming to next trainings or not. The coach also has all e-mail addresses and phone numbers of all his/hers athletes and their parents always up-to-date, so he/she is able to contact them at any time.

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Athletes have their own diary, where they can log their trainings. When they are part of a club (or many), their diary syncs automatically with the planned workouts from their training groups and individual workouts assigned to them by their coaches.

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Parents (the missing one)

This is the current missing part of the system, but it is not going to stay that way! Today's parents are busy, but they want to be informed about what their kids are doing and how they are doing. Not only are they looking for payment history and attendance record of their child, but they also want to know when their kid did really well in the training. Research has pointed out so many times that praising children is really really important to build their confidence while growing up. We cannot ignore these facts. We will also offer convenient emails about upcoming competitions and changes in training plans.