Accessing Player App and Parent App

When your own or your kid's sport club is using Sportlyzer to manage their club or team, you can easily get all the important information about the training from the Player App or the Parent App.


• Players and parents don't need to sign up. Just verify with your email and you're good to go.
• The coach and the club need to be using Sportlyzer and the players' and/or parents' email addresses have to be added to their database. Over 19,000 coaches are already saving time and energy thanks to Sportlyzer. If your coach is not one of them, recommend it by sharing


Coaches and club managers

For players to use the Player App and parents to use the Parent App, their emails need to be added on your club's database on Sportlyzer. The emails will be used as a verification method to verify the ownership of the accounts.
View this article if you are not sure how to add emails:


Players and parents

Do the following steps:

1. Go and download the app from the buttons below

Player App (Android) Player App (iOS) Parent App (Android) Parent App (iOS)


2. Open the app and enter your email. Use your email that you have provided to your own or your kid's club.

3. A confirmation from Sportlyzer is sent to you email account. Click on the confirmation link to verify that this is your email. You have to do it with the smartphone you are setting the Player or Parent App up on. 

4. Start enjoying the app! 

If you like it, make sure to share it with the other players and parents!


Part of a bigger software platform
Sportlyzer Player App and Parent App are part of Sportlyzer’s software platform for sports clubs that provides smart, automated solutions for coaches, club managers, players and parents. Everyone and everything is centrally connected through