Calendar automation

RSVP marking

Knowing the number of players attending an event is crucial for planning and preparation. Sportlyzer enables you to manage player RSVPs effectively by setting a time window within which players can confirm their attendance. If an athlete tries to RSVP after the deadline, the system will prevent them from doing so. However, players will always have the option to inform the organizers if they are unable to attend.

RSVP settings can be customized in the following ways:

  1. RSVP Reminders: Schedule automated reminders for players to indicate their availability several hours before the event, as you deem necessary. These reminders can be tailored to different event types, such as competitions, workouts, or events. You can also filter reminders by groups.

  2. RSVP REPLY Recipient: Designate who players should reply to when they receive the RSVP reminder email. This can be either all of the event coaches or the club's official email address.

  3. RSVP Deadline: Set the cutoff time for players to confirm their attendance

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Weekly training plans


Weekly training plans are distributed to players each week, and the distribution method can be customized. One option is to specify the day of the week when the plans are sent out and to determine the recipient group, which can be either advanced players or both basic and advanced players.


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Additionally, various specific adjustments can be made. For instance:

  1.  Send reminders to 'advanced' players to log their training (on Sundays) 
  2. Send reminders to coaches to update schedules and plans (on Sundays)
  3. When 'advanced' players use 'Mark as done' in their diary. mark it as official attendance


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