Creating an annual invoice

Functionality for adding annual invoices will be added in the future. Until then, there is an alternative way:

1. Divide your annual payment into 12 months. E.g. €240 per year would be €20 per month.

2. Add a monthly fee: €20. 


3. Add an additional fee to the same invoice: €220, with an explanation: "Prepayment until dd/mm/yyyy" (the date one year from now).


4. Write an invoicing note: "Paid until dd/mm/yyyy. Don’t bill for usual training until then."




There is another way to create a yearly invoice for a whole group - Projects

1. Go to Invoicing, click on + Add and select 'New Project'  



2. Enter the name and description for the invoice. Make sure that they are clearly understandable, especially project name: it is visible on the invoices sent to your athletes. 


3. Set members. If you want to create yearly invoices for one group, simply mark the group. You can also create the yearly invoices for your whole club, only selected members or selected groups. 


4. Set fees. If everyone's fees are the same, use "Apply to all" button to save time. 


5. Generate invoices and send them out. 

After that, you simply need to collect the payments!