Coach role

In the following sections, we will explain the different functions of the coach role.

In this article you will learn about:

 Athletes & Groups - only the ones you train 

Coaches can have access to all athletes in their training groups. This means that out of all the 500 children, each coach actually sees just the 60 who he/she is training. Not only does this help the coach to focus on his/her work, but it also gives security to the parents. They can be sure that they are not exposing their children’s data to too many eyes.

 Calendar - for workouts, events, and competitions

All workouts, events, and competitions. Coaches can see their workouts and the workouts of other groups. This way you cannot plan two workouts for two different groups on the same place at the same time. It also allows you to spot, when you can actually plan an additional workout without interrupting anybody else. Coaches can also cover each other training when they discover that they can’t make it on their own. Just write your plan for the workout and the other coach will know what to do with your training group.

In case you should want to only see your groups in the Calendar, Sportlyzer offers you a possibility to filter the groups. 

 Smart Coaching - like Excel, but automatically shared with your athletes

For those, who love to plan each session. Write the content for your next couple of sessions and keep a long-term goal in mind. Smart Coaching also gives you perfect opportunities for statistical analyse.

 Messaging - connect with athletes and their parents

As parents, we hope there are no emergencies with our child, but when it does happen, we’re glad that coaches know who to contact. Sportlyzer Coach Diary allows each Coach to access emergency contacts of their athletes. In all other cases, we are just happy to be informed about what happens in training and when the next competition will take place.