Player and Parent Role

Basic access to athletes and their parents

99% of youth clubs should be using this option.

When a manager or a coach adds a new player, they create a basic account for them.  In case they add an e-mail address to this account, they create the player access to Player App. If the email address is added to Players' profile, the Player can download the Player App, authenticate their email address and start using Sportlyzer. 

Basic access includes training schedule, RSVP-ing, training summary, attendance summary, coach's contacts and the possibility to update Player's contacts for the sports club. 

Access for Advanced athletes

This is separate access that is given to athletes who need the possibility to log their own training, plan and analyze their own training sessions. Players cannot get access to an advanced user without the trainer or manager giving it. If the club staff has sent this access, the athletes must create an account (create a password) via the link the club sent to it. In this case, the main user previously created by the club will be associated with a new, advanced user just created by the athlete.

Access for parents

Parents do not need to create an account. Their email addresses need to be added to their children's profile. They can simply verify their emails and start using the Parent App! They only have access to information that is related to their children. To use the Parent App, the club needs to add parents' email addresses to the Player profile as contacts. This gives parents access to the Parent App. They can download it, authenticate their e-mail address and start using the app.