Player and parent role

Basic access for players

99% of youth clubs and players should be using this approach.

When a manager or a coach adds a new player on the system, they create a basic account for that player. If they also add an email address to that account, they provide a means for this player to access that account from the Player app. When the email address is added to that player's profile, the player can download the Player App, authenticate their email address and start using the app.

Club can (but doesn't have to) send invitations and instructions to players about how to start using the Player App. If the email address is added to the player's profile, the player can access the Player App at any time.

This basic access from the Player App includes: training calendar, RSVP-ing (letting the coach know if the player is coming to a training/game or not), participation logs, coach’s contacts, and possibility to update the player’s contact data for the club.

Advanced access for players

This is a separate access given to advanced players who need to log, plan and analyze their own training in their training diary. Players can't get this access in their club without a manager or coach giving it to them. When the access is sent by the club staff, players should sign up (create a password) on Sportlyzer from the link that was sent to them. Then the basic account that was already created by the club beforehand will be connected to the advanced account that the player just created.

If players create an advanced account themselves (without the email invitation from the club) then this can't be connected to the existing basic account that is added by the club. If you have such situation, then please contact Sportlyzer Support (support [ät] sportlyzer [dot] com).


Access for parents

Parents don't have separate accounts. They can only access information related to their children. To make this work, the club has to add parent email addresses in the player profile, under "Contact person". This email address, like with players' basic access, grants the parents access to the Parent App. They can now download the Sportlyzer Parent App, authenticate their email address and start using the app.