Edit your personal settings and profile

When your account is created, take a look at your personal settings and profile. You can set preferable privacy settings, email notifications, and change the way your profile will look.

To enter the settings menu, or edit your profile, click on your name in the top right corner and choose “Settings” or "My profile".



In the "Settings" you can change your account email and password as well as edit your regional settings. You can also let us know what notifications you would like to receive from us and connect your social media accounts for quick login.


My profile

In the "My profile" menu, you can access your personal information that is available for yourself and your club’s coaches & managers.


Enter your primary information.


Enter your own and your family members’ contacts. Keep these contacts up to date so your coaches could send you email and SMS messages through Sportlyzer.

Health and personal

Enter your personal sports history, your physical activity and your best results in sports. Also, answer the questions at the Medical information to provide an overview of your medical condition to yourself and your coaches.

Training zones (heart rate zones)

This area shows your heart rate zones. You have the option to create custom heart rate zones. 

Public profile

This is your public profile that your friends can see. You can use a nickname instead of your real name in the social networks.


Manage who will see different types of data from your profile.