Set up your club profile

This article explains how to change your club's settings and how to to complete your club’s online profile on Sportlyzer. The online profile lets you share your club data with your team members as well as with people looking forward to joining your club via Sportlyzer Club Finder. If you haven’t joined or created a club yet, you should do it now (see how).

To get the most of Sportlyzer and Club Finder, and to provide your team with the most accurate data, we suggest that you fill your club’s profile as thoroughly as possible. You need to be the club manager to edit your club profile. You will find your club profile in the "Preferences"-page.


Profile visibility

You can change the visibility of your club’s profile from the button in top right of the page.

  • "On" means that your profile can be searched and found on Sportlyzer Club Finder, so people can find your club and after your approval, join it.
  • "Off" hides your club’s profile from the Club Finder. We only suggest that you do it when you need absolute privacy and do not want new people to join your club. Note that your club members can still see the club profile even if it is hidden.

General settings

Enter club’s general settings to create a compelling club profile and to distinguish yourself among others.


Enter your club’s contacts so possible new customers, sponsors or other prospects could contact you.


Add a new training locations (team gym, running track, stadium, boathouse, etc.) which can be later added to workouts and training groups.

  1. Search for the location or address with the Google Maps search engine
  2. When the map appears, move the pointer to the correct position if necessary
  3. Add a name to the location, e.g. Team’s Gym and click on "Add"
  4. Delete or edit location by clicking on specific button next to the location


Some features need you to set up your locations before you can use them.


Add images of your club to create a nice visual overview of your club and share your team’s highlights with others.

Profile images

Add a club logo and a background image to spice up your club's profile on the Club Finder. The club logo will also be displayed on the invoices you send out with the Invoicing app.