Configuration of right and roles for Staff members

When you are managing a sports club with the help of a lot of coaches, there are certain things you don’t want these coaches to accidentally do. For example, you don’t want them to delete all your athletes in your database or add new athletes without your permissions. Access to other features depends on how involved the coach is in your organization and your individual club policy(i.e should coaches be allowed to see the payment history of their athletes to notify them, when they haven’t paid their invoices).

Sportlyzer has different configuration settings to manage the amount of data your coaches can access. You can find these settings on the “Staff” page and then continue to click on the ‘Configure’-button on the right of each staff member.

We will explain all  fields and how they work step-by-step:

  1. Options: Here you can change the roles of your staff member. If you remove both “Manager” and “Coach” roles, the staff member becomes a normal athlete.
  2. Include in athlete list (new): Turn this off, if you don’t want to see this coach in your athlete list. This helps to make a clear distinction between staff members and athletes but still allows existing athletes to have coaching rights.
  3. Is allowed to access payment history(new): Turn this feature on, if you want this coach to be able to see the payment history of his/her athletes. The payment history is accessible to the coaches when they visit the profiles of their athletes.
  4. Is allowed to edit athletes' profiles (new): Turn this on if you want your coach to update the profiles and contact information of his/her athletes. Note that the coach will be able to do this only for his/her training groups.
  5. Is allowed to manage athletes in his/her group (new): Turn this feature on if you want your coach to be able to add new athletes to the training groups and club or remove them.
  6. Groups: Here you can assign this coach to his/her groups. Assigning a group allows him/her to see the athletes’ profiles in that group. Each coach can still see the training and event schedule planned for other groups and can be assigned to give individual workouts for other groups, but he won’t be able to see the profiles and diaries of athletes in other groups.

    Don't forget to click "Save" and that's how you have successfully configured all the settings for your coach.