Edit athlete's profile

To edit an athlete's profile, go to the "Athletes"-page and select the athlete you wish to edit. Please note, that under default settings only managers are allowed to edit athlete profiles and the coach is only allowed to edit a limited amount of data. You can give a coach the right to edit their athletes' profile data themselves (To do so, go to Staff page, choose a coach and click on the configuration settings). Managers and Coaches can ask athletes or their parents to edit and update their profiles on their own (both profile & health information). Read about how to always keep profiles up-to-date from this article.

Edit profile data as a manager

In the athlete profile, click on "Edit profile"  to make changes.

This is the primary way if you have to edit a single field or correct a small mistake in the profile of an athlete. If you have to update a lot of fields or you are not sure about many of them, we advise you not to do it and let the athlete or their parents do it instead.

Ask the athlete or parents to update their data

To allow athletes or parents to update their profile data, you first must configure which fields they have to fill. See how you can do it in ~3 minutes.

Having done that, all you or your coaches have to do is select "More" and "Request profile data update". You will see a modal with 2 option. You can either send an email message with the link to the athletes or one of his/her contacts email address or request the link directly and copy/paste it into WhatsApp or any other IM service and send it directly to the person, who has to update the profile. Isn't it simple?


About the fields in the profile


Enter the primary information about the member. If you are a manager in the club, you can also edit member’s rights (coach, manager, athlete) from here.

Additional Information

Enter more information about the member: birth date, work, school, license number and so on. 


Enter the Address information for the member. You can also determine if this is address is the billing contact.

Contact persons

Enter information about the member’s Contact persons. These contacts are always synced with the Messaging app so you can always get in touch with them.