Invoicing settings

Before you can start using the invoicing functionality in Sportlyzer, you have to enter your invoicing information. This information will be used to generate invoices for your clients.  Read all about it from this article.
To insert your club's invoicing details, choose the Invoicing    page from the header. If you haven't inserted any invoicing details before, then the club's invoice details window will open automatically and you can start filling it. Continue to read this article about the meaning of all fields.

Club's invoice details

This information will be printed on your invoices. Please make sure, that this information is correct by making a test-invoice after you change these details.

Billing name: The name of the person or organization, who creates the invoice.
Billing language: The language used on the invoice.
Send from: The e-mail address, which is shown as the sender when invoices are sent.
Billing address: The address of the person or organization, who creates the invoices.
Reg. no: Registration number of the organization, who creates the invoices. You can leave this blank if you want to.
VAT no: The VAT number of the organization, who creates the invoices. You can leave this blank if you want to.
Default VAT: The default VAT in %, you want to apply to your invoices by default. You can manually choose not to apply any VAT when you create invoices later.
Due date: The default number of days for payment. The days start counting from the date the invoice is generated.
Currency: The currency you want to display in your invoices.

Bank account details

You can have multiple bank accounts so your clients can choose where to make the money transaction. The first bank account will always be the preferred one. Your invoices will include instructions to make money transactions more convenient for your clients.

Bank name: Name of the bank as it should be when making a money transaction.
IBAN: IBAN of the bank
SWIFT/BIC: SWIFT/BIC of the bank.