Set fees and create invoices for groups

Sportlyzer Invoicing app lets you manage all your membership fees and invoices. 

There are some things you should do before creating your first invoices. 

  • Make sure you have subscribed Sportlyzer premium
  • Fill in your club’s billing info (i.e. data that will go on the invoices you create)
  • Make sure all members have their email addresses listed, otherwise, you can’t send invoices to them

Open the Invoicing page to set training fees, create invoices, send out invoices and import your bank statement for automatical payment matching.

  1. Select a training group
  2. Enter a desired fee to the first person
  3. Click on "Apply to all" if you wish to set the same fee to the whole group. You can skip this and set fees one by one
  4. After you have set the fees, you can generate the invoices
  5. See the status of each invoice

  1. When the invoices are created you can send them to all members by clicking on the "Send invoices" button
  2. To send invoices one by one, click on the appropriate envelope button
  3. When the invoices have been sent, you can send the members reminders to make the payment
  4. Credit (annul) an invoice when necessary
  5. Click on the "..." button to see additional actions: cash payment and download invoice as pdf

After the due date on the invoices, import your bank statement to automatically match payments with your club members. See how to do it.