Create single invoices for other people or organisations

Besides managing the monthly membership fees on Sportlyzer, you can create custom invoices for equipment sales, consulting, etc. as well.

Navigate to the "Invoicing"-page and click on “+ Add” and "Single invoice" in the top right.

In the pop-up window:

  1. Choose "Other person" as recipient. Name and email of the recipient are compulsory (your accountant will appreciate it as well).
  2. Choose the type of invoice. It can be a one-time invoice or invoice for one of your created projects. If you choose "Existing project" then select the project from the next drop-down menu.
  3. Enter the date and the due date (days) for the invoice.
  4. Write the explanation for the article, enter the quantity and price, and choose the VAT % from the drop-down menu. Your club’s default VAT % has to be set beforehand in the club’s billing info.
  5. Click on "Add item" to create a new row.
  6. Toggle if the prices you set include VAT or if VAT should be added to them.
  7. Check the "Send invoices now" if you wish to send the invoices to recipients upon saving.
  8. Save the invoice.

Go to the “Invoices” tab to see all created invoices, or start managing a single project or training group.