Send email or SMS messages

With Sportlyzer, you can contact anyone in your club via email or SMS messages. To do that go to the "Messaging"-page of Sportlyzer (this is a premium feature of Sportlyzer).

To start, choose either "New message" from the top-right of the panel.

After you have decided whether you want to send an SMS or email message, you will be guided to the Address book. You can select individual athletes, their parents ("Contacts"), training groups and coaches. In order to receive an email, the member or contact person needs to have an email address or, in case of SMS, a phone number.

Select athletes or members from the left side and see the current recipients on the right side of the Address Book. Include or exclude coaches and contact persons by using the checkboxes on the top.

When sending an email message:

  1. Choose the sender (from your personal Sportlyzer account or from the club's account)
  2. Review and add recipients if necessary
  3. Add a subject
  4. Add content
  5. Include attachments if necessary
  6. Send the message

When sending an SMS message:

  1. Review and add recipients if necessary
  2. Add content
  3. Review credits needed for one SMS message and the total needed to send to all recipients
  4. The number of credits (SMS-s) left on your account
  5. Send the message