Plan training

The training planner lets coaches plan training starting from annual volumes getting to daily details and workout intensities, and instantly share the plans with their athletes.

In this article you will learn:

To start planning in detail, make sure you have chosen the Coach role (if you have several) and navigate to the Smart Coaching page in the header. If you don't need that many details, then see how to use our Calendar app.

  1. To start, open a training group or a single athlete from the drop-down menu on the left upper corner
  2. Next, choose the time interval you wish to plan training for


Plan training volumes

Plan training volume (hours) for each week of the selected time frame (the line on the graph).

  1. Click on the small up and down arrows or plan weekly volume using your mouse and keyboard. This is the basis on which you can start planning specific workouts.
  2. The line represents planned volume, the dark grey bars represent the volume of planned workouts (see below how to plan workouts) and the light grey bars represent actually finished workouts


Plan training cycles

Plan training cycles to have an overview of when specific abilities should be trained.

  1. Click on the small "Add" button to create a new cycle. Enter the name and hit "enter" on your keyboard
  2. Click on "<" or ">" buttons to extend the cycle's length, on the "<>" button to move it, or on the "x" button to delete it


Plan specific workouts (weekly planner)

  1. Enter the time, sport, duration and distance of the workout
  2. Enter the subjective level of effort you wish your athletes to perform on. Click on the ">" button to add target time in heart rate zones
  3. Enter the workout description
  4. Click on the "+" button under the workout you are editing to enter a new workout to that day
  5. Click on a downward pointing arrow next to the workout or the week to access additional options, e.g. copy-paste, save as template and delete
  6. Access saved templates from the sidebar, by clicking on the small arrow. You can add a saved template as a workout by dragging it to the appropriate day.
  7. When you don't need to access the training volume or cycles module, click on the small upwards pointing arrow to hide the module and provide more space for the weekly planner. You can open the annual planner again by clicking on the downward pointing arrow.


Also see how to export your plan and how to plan when offline.