Create performance tests

See how to create performance tests as a coach or an athlete for your club or yourself to measure and assess your own or your athletes' performance.

Note that when you are a coach but create a performance test as an athlete, then this test will only be shown in your private list of tests. It will not be shared in your club's tests. But if you create a test for your club as a coach, it will also be seen in your private list of tests.

This tutorial will give you an overview of the following topics:

Navigate to the Smart Coaching page if you are a coach or to the Athlete's Tests app if you want to create your own tests.


Create a performance test

  1. Click on the "Tests" tab (skip this if your are an athlete)
  2. Click on "Club's tests" (coaches) or "My tests" (athletes) to view all tests created
  3. Click on "Create test" to create a new test


In the pop-up window:

  1. Input exercise name, activity and description of the exercise
  2. Now click on required parameters from four different categories (volume, intensity, physiological, other) to add them to your test. You can add to the limit of six parameters to each test
  3. Hit "Save" to save your progress


Create a performance test battery

Test battery is a combination of tests that are usually performed in a row. In the "Club's tests" view (coaches) or "My tests" view (athletes) , click on "Create test battery". If you haven't created any tests yet, the button is not shown.

To create a new test battery:

  1. Enter test battery's name and description
  2. To add tests to the battery, click on the drop-down menu "Add test" where you can either choose already created tests or create a new one
  3. Click on "Save battery" to finish


Choose a test from the public library

Public library is the place where Sportlyzer has already created various performance test. To use any of these tests as your own:

  1. Go to the "Public library"
  2. Choose a test and click "Start using"

Now the test is displayed in "Club's tests" (coaches) or "My tests" (athletes) as your own.


Enter test results

Here's how to input performance test results for your athletes:

  1. Go to "Club's tests" (coaches) or "My tests" (athletes)
  2. Choose the training group or individual athlete whose test results you wish to enter (skip this if you are an athlete)
  3. Choose a test or a test battery created by you or by another coach in your club and click "Enter results"


Choose the date and person:

  1. Choose the date where the performance test (test battery) was conducted
  2. Click on the appropriate athlete to enter his/her results. The green check marks represent tests that have already been filled (skip this if you are an athlete)

In the test results area:

  1. Enter the test results
  2. Save your progress

That's it, easy as that!