Product Update 13 Jan 2016

Changes and new features available after this update:



Managers now have a new feature called "Reports". At the moment it includes two: Athletes report and Attendance report. For Estonian users we also have added a special report called "INF3".

We will continue adding reports in this feature. If you have any suggestions what reports we should definitely add or if you have a specific report for your club, you can send us a request with the subject „Report request“ to support [at]

You can find help for the existing reports here:


Update to manager home

We want to bring your club community to life and help you communicate, so we embedded the club community into the manager dashboard. This is just the first step of many to come.

The next steps will include:

  • Adding the club community to the coaches interface.
  • Creating filtering options and making specific posts visible only to club staff.
  • Adding more automated posts to give you a feed of what is happening in your club.


Add staff members

Adding staff members is now easier than ever. Just type in their email address and they will receive an invitation to join your club. If they don't have a Sportlyzer account yet, one will be created for them.

Click here to see how to add new coaches and managers.


Speed improvements

Some pages have gone a little bit slow in the past. We have added some horse power and improved our algorithms to make these pages faster. 

These pages include:

  • The athletes page (it was getting slow after adding 600 athletes).
  • The address book (handling 1500 email addresses is no problem any more).
  • A couple of pages related to the Invoicing feature.

If you experience that some page takes ages to load or process, please notify us via support [at] and we will try to find a faster algorithm.


Bug fixes

Here is a short set of bugs and errors, which were fixed:

  • Duplicated competitions in Calendar.
  • Sometimes people could not be added to new projects in Invoicing.
  • Confusion with km, mi and feet units in the training diary.
  • And some more specific bugs...

If you happen to find something that seems not quite right, please send us an email to support [at] Thank you!