How to start as an individual coach

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Invite individual athletes

When you coach individual athletes, you want them to have access to their personal training plan and log their training. As a coach, you will be able to directly access his/her training diary, see his/her daily metrics and see everything your athlete enters into Sportlyzer through the web or the Sportlyzer Sports Tracker for Android and iOS.

When the athlete doesn't have an account yet

When you know your athlete doesn't have a Sportlyzer account yet, all you need to do is open the "Athletes" view and add a new athlete. After the athlete is added, go to his/her profile and select the "Send invite" button below the profile picture. This automatically sends an invitation to his/her email and he/she will be guided through the registration process.

When the athlete already has a Sportlyzer account

Athletes who are already using Sportlyzer, have to be requested to join your club. This can be done when you add new athletes. After entering his/her name, find and select a matching Sportlyzer user. 

You will be able to access his/her training data after the athlete accepts your request.

Individual training planning

The best way to create individual training plans for athletes is "Smart coaching". Smart coaching provides a lot of different tools, designed to make training planning fast and easy. All training sessions are automatically shared with the athlete, which means that as soon as you change the distance or duration or a workout, this update will be sent to the athlete's mobile app. 

Smart Coaching tools include:

  • Copy & paste for workouts or event weeks
  • Week load & long term planning
  • Competitions & tests
  • Rest days
  • Template workouts
  • And more...


(Small demo of Smart Coaching)

We have whole sections with a lot of articles just to help you understand and benefit from the different tools of Smart Coaching. Click here to dive in and start planning.

Read training diary and metrics

We have summarized the most important information about each and every athlete for you when you visit the "Athlete" page and click on "Smart" view on the top-right of the panel. 

When you need more detailed information, you can see the athlete's diary on his/her profile page. Here you will find everything your athlete has entered into Sportlyzer. 


Benefits of using mobile apps

Athlete app - Sportlyzer GPS Sports Tracker

Sportlyzer offers mobile apps for both coaches and athletes. Athletes are able to download their training diary and track their training using their smartphone. It also works offline, which means that athletes are able to spend days in a training camp without the Internet and still log their training diary using Sportlyzer Sports tracker.


Coach App - Sportlyzer Coach Diary

Coaches have direct access to the contacts and attendance records of their athletes as well as the training calendar of their groups. Marking attendance and sending emails is also made very easy with the mobile app.


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