Product Update 9th March 2016

Changes and new features available after this update:


New Sportlyzer Coach package

Now we have a special package for a single coach working with up to 5 training groups. The Coach package offers a subset of the existing Sportlyzer Club package and consists of one Coach, who can manage his training groups and use the Coach workspace just like he's used to as a coach in a club. The Coach package is divided to Essentials and Premium and you can read about the difference by clicking here.

The difference between Sportlyzer Coach and Sportlyzer Club is that in a Coach package you can only have one coach and no manager. It's just you and your training groups. If you want to work together with other coaches and/or managers, you should choose the Club package and decide who is going to take the manager role in your club.

You can of course start out with the Coach package and upgrade to the Club package later on. This means that if you are new to Sportlyzer, maybe you should just start with your own team and after you are comfortable with the product and it suits your needs, you can show it to other coaches in your club and upgrade to the Club package.


Improved attendance & availability tracking

As some of you have already seen in the Coach workspace, we have added Attendance and Availability tab right on the top bar so you could access these functions really quickly. We have also improved the modal views where you can mark attendance and availability. 

We are not done yet and there will be some major improvements for Attendance and Availability features in the future.

Android & iPhone Coach Diary Update

Coach Diary for Android and iPhone have also been updated and allow users to register to both packages with their smartphones. Please go to the Google Play or Apple App Store to download the app. 

Click on the image to download the app.



Other improvements

Here is a short set of bugs and errors, which were fixed:

  • Fixed some issues with automated emails - sorry when somebody received multiple emails in the last few days
  • Improved some automated emails and email invitations
  • Better club registration flow
  • Other smaller bugs and issues

If you happen to find something that doesn't seem quite right, please send us an email to support [at] Thank you!