The difference between coach and manager

There are many aspects in which the coach's role differs from the manager's role in Sportlyzer and it is important for us to make sure you know the differences between the roles. Let us go through each aspect one-by-one.

In this article you will learn about:

Different workspaces 

Manager's workspace
Coach's workspace

This is the biggest difference, which is visible to everybody. Coaches and managers work in different views. This allows each role to have their own view and see things they need to. Both roles share similar functionality like with Emails and SMS or the Calendar, but some functions only look similar but is actually very different. For example, if you look at the athletes view as a manager or as a coach you will see, that they look similar but show different information.

How managers see athletes
How coaches see athletes

Also, there are some functionalities, which are only accessible to a specific role (like Smart Coaching for coaches and Invoices for managers).

Coaches see only their athletes

When you start bringing in many coaches, you don’t want to overload them with too much information. Everybody should focus on their training group and there might be even reasons why you don’t want to show the whole athlete list to a coach (e.g. if this coach is actually just a temporal coach from another club).

In Sportlyzer each coach can see only the athletes in their respective training groups. They are still able to see the workouts of other groups in the calendar, but they are not able to see the training diary or contact information of athletes who they are not coaching. This is a blessing for coaches, who are able to focus more on their work and gives assurance to parents, who might be worried about the privacy of their children's data.

Coaches can't interfere with your system

Not everybody is a computer genius - and doesn’t have to be. What’s more important is that they don’t mess up things in your system. If you let too many people manage your athletes' list you will soon end up having a lot of confusion and missing too many names in the list. As the manager of a club, you want to follow your system and keep everything on track. You want to have control over the information and you don’t want everybody to have access to your finances.

Because of these reasons we have separated the work of the manager and work of the coach. Coaches are only responsible for giving workouts, marking attendance and communicating with their athletes. These are the tasks that are made simple and can be used without having too much fear about what disturbances in management he or she might create. The manager, on the other hand, has very structured views with all the information he/she might need. All incoming athletes go through the managers who are responsible for managing the athletes and keeping an eye on the financial side of the club.

Options to customize the coach's rights

The theoretical distinction between the roles is nice to have, but in the real world, things might be different. Sometimes separating your staff into coaches and manager (or both) is just not working out. You might need to have coaches, who are able to see the payment records of their athletes but should not be able to see the records of all athletes in the club. Or you might want to give rights to the coaches to edit the profiles of their athletes or manage their athletes' list. 

 Here you can read about how to customize the rights of your coaches to give them more permissions.