Create season plans

The Calendar allows coaches and managers to create recurring workout plans (season plans) for an extended period of time.

To start, navigate to the Calendar and click on "+ Add" from the top right. From this dropdown select "Add recurring plan". Alternatively, you can add single workouts and events to the Calendar (see how).


Screenshot 2023-12-17 at 22.18.11.png

In the pop-up window on the left, choose the group, then click "Add new schedule" on the right. This window also displays currently active and completed recurring plans.


Screenshot 2023-12-17 at 22.19.15.png

To create a seasonal plan, simply follow these steps:

  1. If you want to create a schedule for multiple groups, you can add the additional groups as well.
  2. Choose the time period for the plan
  3. Enter the day, start time, sport (activity), and duration
  4. Add coaches (start typing, then choose from the list) - you can only add people who have been assigned as coaches in your club
  5. Add location (we suggest you add a location that has previously been created in the club settings)
  6. Add a comment (Can be seen by the athletes)
  7. Add a special "Coach comment" that only staff members can see
  8. Click on "+ Add workout" to add a new row
  9. Save your progress


Screenshot 2023-12-17 at 22.24.20.png


Screenshot 2023-12-17 at 22.27.11.png


Screenshot 2023-12-17 at 22.29.30.png