Send event invites to your athletes

After creating a workout or event in the Calendar page, send event invites to your group members to see who will be participating. They will receive an email with an option to accept or decline your invitation.

Navigate to the Calendar, click on any future event and choose "Invite" (Note: You can invite people to future events and mark attendance for past events).

  1. Review the list of participants (the members to whom the current event was planned for)
  2. If necessary, click on "Actions" -> "Add people" to invite other members from your club as well. 
  3. Send invites to all members on the current list. Only members with email address added to their profiles will receive the invite
  4. Send invites one by one to required members
  5. See and edit the status of a specific member
  6. See who will be attending and who will not
  7. Save your changes