How to use the address book

The address book stores all email addresses and phone numbers of your athletes and their contacts persons, so you will always have relevant information available. 

In this article you will learn:


Getting an overview

To help managers and coaches find the right email addresses and telephone numbers more easily, we have organized everything into training groups.

In the top, you have a search bar as well as the option to include or exclude coaches and contact persons to the address book.

In the main part, you have a foldable group. Unfold them to see all the members of the group. Use the checkbox left to the group name to select the whole group as recipients.

On the right side, you see which coaches or athletes are currently set as recipients of the message. You can remove recipients by clicking on the red button next to the names. The red x button appears when you move the cursor on the recipient list on the right.


Select group and individual athletes 

Just to make this more clear to you - here is how it really works.


Send emails to all parents of one training group

To send emails to all parents of one training group you need to select the "Contacts" checkbox on the top.