Attendance reports


This report includes all workouts, competitions and events for a specific group for a specific timeframe. You can see the attendance for each workout/event individually as well as a summary of all workouts/events for each athlete. 

Please note that only managers have full access to all the groups and athletes in the club. Coaches can only access information about their training groups. 

In this article you will learn:


How to create an attendance report

At the moment, reports can only be made for training groups. They contain all athletes, which have attended at least one training session or are a member of the selected group. 

Reports can be found in your top navigation bar between "Invoices" and "Staff".


You can choose the timeframe and group for the report yourself. Click on "Create report" to download the report file.


Contained data

The structure of the attendance report is pretty simple. Each row contains one athlete.

Each of the columns contain all workouts, events and competitions of the selected timeframe ordered chronologically.


The last columns show a summary of all previous ones.

  • The number of workouts, events and competitions attended.
  • The number of workouts, events and competitions possible to attend.
  • The number of workouts attended.
  • The number of events attended.
  • The number of competitions attended.


Example report

You will find an example report at the end of this article.

Click here to download the report