Training analysis

Use Sportlyzer's training analysis pages to always understand your athletes' or your own training process - plan the peak for the right moment and avoid overtraining. Training statistics is available for club staff (in Smart Coaching page) and for athletes (separate Stats page). See below how to access the page and use it for training analysis.

 In this article you will learn:


How to find your athlete's stats

Coaches should navigate to the Stats page and choose an athlete or a training group (from the top left) to get access to the data. Athletes can access the Stats page straight from their training diary.

Create summary pages

The Summary page in the app is generated automatically, based on the workouts completed during the time frame selected from the top left.


Create custom stats pages

In addition to the Summary page, you can create your own custom statistics pages with the data that you need. See how it’s done.

  1. Click on the “+” button in the top.
  2. Choose “Charts” to create a custom page. Name your stats page and save it.

You have just created a new statistics page where you can edit existing or start adding new charts.

  1. Edit the created chart
  2. Click on "Add Chart" to create a new one.
  3. When adding a new chart, you can decide whether you would like to display regular workouts or performance tests.

When creating a new chart, you will have to choose which data to display.

  1. Choose the chart name.
  2. Choose what do you want to display in the chart (in columns and lines) and what activities the chart should include.
  3. Turn on the numeric values you wish to see on the chart.
  4. Click "Save". 


Compare athletes against each other

You can see how your team's athletes are progressing, and compare them against each other. To do that make a separate stats page, add the charts that you want (take a look above how to do that), and click on "Add people" button in the top right. Choose the people you want to compare against each other and save.