Offline training planning and plan export

Sometimes you don't have access to the internet. No worries. Export your existing plans for offline use and plan training in an Excel file to later upload it.

In this article you will learn about: 

To start with either plan export of offline planning, navigate to the Smart Coaching page.

  1. Choose the appropriate athlete or group
  2. Select a time period.


Exporting a plan

To access the offline plan, click on the "Export plan" button.


To download the plan:

  1. Note that the downloadable plan was created for the time period you selected in the previous steps
  2. Export the plan as PDF or XSLX


Plan training offline

You can download an Excel template, plan the training there and later upload the file. By doing so, all the workouts planned in the file will be synced to Sportlyzer and to your athletes. To download the template, go to any athlete's or group's plan. To upload the plan, you need to go to the specific athlete's or group's plan.

  1. Click on "Offline planning"
  2. In the pop-up window, click on "Download Excel-sheet for offline planning"
  3. Click on "Choose files" to upload and sync the Excel file to Sportlyzer when you have finished with it


See also how to plan training in the online app.