Add Coaches and Managers

Sportlyzer is a collaboration tool but how could you cooperate with somebody, who isn't in your club yet?

This article will show you:

Add a new coach or manager

You can add a new coach or manager from the "Staff" page. The only thing you need is their email address. He or she doesn't have to be a Sportlyzer user. Sportlyzer will automatically create a new user if necessary.

Don't forget to assign groups and configure the rights of your newly added staff member. Read more specifically about assigning groups and configuring rights.

Promote an athlete to become a coach

When a person is already a member of your club and an active athlete and you want to give him/her also coach rights, you should follow the same instructions as above. Go to the Staff page and click on "Add staff member". Now simply enter their e-mail, assign them different rights and they will be promoted to a coach. If the athlete doesn't have a Sportlyzer account, they will also receive an email to join Sportlyzer before they can become a coach or manager in your club.