How to start as a group coach

Making the first steps in new software isn't always easy. This article is for group coaches, who aren't familiar with Sportlyzer but have made the commitment to use it to organize their training and communication with their team.

This article talks about:


Your new workspace

Let's begin with the basics - introduction of your workspace. All the functions you need as a coach are the tabs on top of your page: Dashboard, Players/Athletes, Calendar, Planning, Tests, Stats, Messaging, Reports, Preferences. 


We have taken away all the things you do not need and left only the tools, which directly help you achieve the following goals:

  • Plan training
  • Give workouts and mark attendance
  • Check the athletes' availability to future training
  • Communicate with your athletes

That's all you should be doing and we have eliminated everything, which might distract you from getting these things done.


Your athletes & groups

Let's say you work in a big club with hundreds or even thousands of young athletes, but there are just about 20-40 athletes, who you actually work with. So why should you need to see the training diary's of hundreds of athletes, right? We are giving you relevant information about only your athletes.

Your manager has assigned you to one or more training groups. The contacts of your athletes and their parents are automatically loaded into your smartphone app and you don't have to worry about anything. 

When your athlete has changed a phone number or needs to update their profile, he or she can do it themselves!

Click here to read how you never ever have to worry about changing your athlete's contact information on your own.


Recurring workouts

Workouts and competitions are the key part of your work as a coach. You want to set up a repeating (recurring) weekly training plan for your training groups and everybody to know about it.

Click here to find out more about weekly recurring workouts.

Sportlyzer allows sharing the club calendar for training groups on your homepage so everybody has easy access to information. Sportlyzer also automatically sends out the schedule for the week at the beginning of each week. 

Read more about how to add calendar widgets to your homepage.


Checking availability & tracking attendance

We understand how important it is for some coaches to know how many athletes are coming to the next training. We have implemented the Availability function so the athletes can let you know if they are able to attend the next training and competitions. And no worries, athletes sign-up isn't required and they can mark their availability via emails. 

When everything is set up, all you need to do is mark attendance for each workout you carried out. Sportlyzer collects all attendance records of you and the other coaches in your club and makes it accessible for the club managers. 

Marking attendance with your smartphone during or after the training is easy and takes just a couple of seconds. Our users' favorite way to do it is with their smartphones.


Using Smart Coaching

Smart Coaching has a lot of features and you don't have to learn them all. The most important one is, that its the fastest way of planning your training. It's an excel table, which is automatically synced with your group's training plan.


Click here to read more about the features of Smart Coaching and how to start. 

Feel free to browse and test all your workspace tabs to learn about all the different functions and get the full experience.