Product Update 19th April 2016

Changes and new features available after this update:

Advanced membership profile

We have added some new fields to the athlete membership profiles so you can request and save even more important information about your members. New fields are:

  • Nationality
  • Allergies & intolerance
  • Medical comment
  • Dates of last & next medical checkups
  • Club internal ID & invoicing ID
  • Invoicing comment
  • Membership in other sport clubs
  • Licence expiration date
  • School & class
  • Company & profession

Improved online profile update

With the new advanced profile, we also added new fields to the request online profile update. Please go and renew your online application settings, so you can start collecting this new data from your members.

Check out this link to read more about online profile updates.

Improved membership application widget (for clubs)

Online membership applications have been changed as well to support the advanced membership profile. Yet another reason to go and renew your settings. Online membership feature allows you to add a HTML widget to your website and allow new members to apply online for your club. You can find this feature under “Website widgets” located in the “Preferences” view. 

Other improvements

Here is a short set of bugs and errors, which were fixed:

      • Improved navigation bar for smaller screen resolutions
      • Improved website widget design
      • Other fixes of smaller bugs and encoding issues

If you happen to find something that doesn't seem quite right, please send us an email to support[at] Thank you!