Always know who is coming to the next training

What do you do with players, who constantly come late or don’t show up at all? 

Wouldn’t it be nice to know in advance how many players are coming and when it’s worth waiting the extra 3 minutes for the last one to arrive? In this article, you will learn how to use the availability feature so that athletes can mark the availability for their future competitions and workouts.

 You will learn

How it works

Each athlete has his/her personal training schedule and can mark his/her availability for each future workout, event or competition. In order to do so, he/she needs his personal availability link. This link authenticates him/her and is automatically updated with his/her latest training schedule. The athlete just has to save or bookmark the link and he/she can use one link constantly!

No registration required. We wanted to keep things simple, which is why athletes don’t need to sing up to use this feature. 

How to share availability links

Each athlete has a unique personal link that provides them with direct access to their availability schedule. To access and share these links, navigate to the calendar menu, select the "Availability" submenu, and click on the "Share links" option. This will display a list of all athletes and their corresponding availability links. You can use this feature to automatically send an email containing the athlete's availability link to them or their designated contact person.

Screenshot 2024-01-03 at 04.47.24.png

If you prefer to use Facebook or WhatsApp, you can also copy and paste the link into the chat personally.

NB! Make sure everybody receives his or her personal link! Don’t paste a link into a group chat because people might use the wrong link to mark their availability.


Send a reminder for certain events

Let's say you have a competition in 2 weeks, but you really need to know who is coming so you can buy the bus tickets or something. Just go to the calendar and select that competition and find the “Send email invitations” button in the availability option.


Screenshot 2024-01-03 at 04.54.13.png


Screenshot 2024-01-03 at 04.54.39.png



Each athlete will receive an email invitation, which will look something like this.


Access that information on your mobile

Don’t forget to download the Sportlyzer Coach Diary to access this information on the go and send invitations and reminders from your smartphone.

 Click on the links below to download the app: 

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