Accessing Player App and Parent App


When your own or your kid's sports club is using Sportlyzer, you can easily get all of the important training-related information from the Player App or the Parent App.

For coaches and club managers

IMPORTANT! For players to use the Player App and parents to use the Parent App, their emails need to be added on your club's database on Sportlyzer.

The emails will be used as a verification method to verify the ownership of the accounts. View this article if you are not sure how to add emails:

Send this help article to your players and parents to help them easily start using the apps.


For players and parents

IMPORTANT! Players' and parents' accounts have already been created by the club, so you don’t need to sign up yourself. This would cause duplicate accounts and some extra work for the club.

Do the following steps:

1. Go and download the Sportlyzer Player App or Sportlyzer Parent App from the buttons below or search for it in the Play Store/ App Store

Player App (Android) Player App (iOS) Parent App (Android) Parent App (iOS)

2. Open the app and enter your email. Use your email that you have provided to your own or your kid's club.

3. A confirmation from Sportlyzer is sent to your email account. Click on the confirmation link to verify that this is your email. You have to do it with the smartphone you are setting the Player or Parent App up on (with the email app or by logging in to your email from an internet browser on your phone). 

4. Start enjoying the app! 

If you like it, make sure to share it with the other players and parents!