Download an attendance report on coaches participation

Downloading the report on coaches' attendance in the training sessions that they instruct is quite simple, but you need to follow certain steps to be able to do that.  

  1. Change the roles of the coach whose attendance you wish to track by adding them Athlete/ Player role. 

For that:

  • Go to Staff - Click on 'More' button - Select 'Edit staff rights and set groups'



  • Tick Player (but don't remove other roles) and click on Save 


2. After that, you need to add the coach as a member of the group that they train.  

  • Go to Groups - Click on 'More' button - Select 'Set members'



  • Use the search box to quickly find the coach -  Mark the coach - Click on Save



3. Now, you're ready to download the report on your coaches attendance. 

  • Go to Reports 
  • Under Attendance report, choose the time frame, group & select to create the report for 'Only coaches' 



  • Click on 'Create report' 

That's it! Now you can follow these steps with all the coaches whose attendance you are interested in.